Education!!!! What is it???

I have been studying for the past 19 years and should i say it as an  experience, training or actually learning!!! All these years I never understood the concept of education. Starting from kinder garden I did my schooling in one of the best school in the town. I was always an average student. Of course a good school really has good students, so then what ?kept on fighting to keep up my standard.Did i really develop any passion for any profession?Of course no my aim was to satisfy my parents with my marks. And I was actually  interested in English and french literature which i could just do as part time because I was not given a chance to choose my profession at that time and those were not a good professional course, And then college, yippee!!!!!!!  Now i am a college student but is it a good thinking,nope i was not a college student but i was an engineering student i should have remembered it. I had slightly better skills compared to my friends studied in government school in terms of communication. My engineering was not in the best college but little better than a worse college so naturally i felt i was better compared to other’s. So is that the condition of government schools everywhere. when majority of the people can afford only for a government school why the standard is so? is that because the big shots can make money by starting schools,may be if i start a school i can make a good business right? so is that all education where one makes money and the  indirect consumers “students” just work like a machine without knowing what they do and the parents do large amount of  investments hoping for a good return  in future. Finally became an engineer without knowing what it is. So now time to realize my dream ! ya very late but still  nothing is too late but I don’t blame myself  I was not so smart and all the while I was thought to listen but not to think . What is it ? MBA…ya I really want to do MBA in a pretty good institution and develop myself, earn more money in an MNC and finally settle down as a successful entrepreneur. A good short dream of mine but will it really work ? yes I hoped it was easy before stepping in forgetting that  MBA is higher education higher business higher price!!!! So can a middle class family afford  it ? nope as i can’t afford it, then  what to do its my only dream “bank loan” ya i can get it and repay it easily when i start to earn. So come on banks give me loan i am an graduate wanting to do higher studies and as per government norms grant me loan. Yes they were ready but not when i wanted because their documents work was too much and bank provides loan only for a particular period of the year. Till that period you have to get trained to work patiently after completing the course by running all time to the bank and providing all the documents one by one when they ask so they can consider sanctioning loan as soon as possible. If government is interested in creating so many talents and improving the standard of the people then why education is still a very difficult process? is that the same everywhere?But finally I am  pursuing MBA because of great parents. And its only my case not a well known common fact so is there any easy way or an alternative I request the readers to mention it so i can help others avoid struggling.


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