she was tired. Sitting in the bench where the breeze gently touches and makes her feel light and relaxed,  feeling at least the cold climate gave her the chance to feel better ,she was thinking whether this is what all life is about? Is there anything for all that I do? And there caught her the sight ,her mobile which was surprisingly not used for a very long time , she took it with no interest in any social media which entertains her always and voluntarily dialed her dad’s number which happens only under very rare cases after two ring she could hear  the energetic voice of her first and ever close men , greeting her as the princess. That moment the energy she got is enormous and the lost smile in her face just rushes back without her knowledge. After a short but  sweet talk all that she could think is just pay back. Pay back this man for all he has given . Never told his problems, his worries , his struggles still makes you feel special every second. The toughest challenge that life has given  her is a very loving dad with  a need to give him a break. She heard her inner voice saying” don’t get tired so soon girl if papa has stopped running you would not be what you are just think about papa and say ,are you tired?” and the energy blossomed and she went walking fast with clear vision bold smile calm face holding zero confusion thinking” papa i will  make you proud one day!”


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