Hey! please stop disturbing me, please stop speaking to me, I need to think and work. U just cut cross my mind every single moment but the poor thing is I cant stop you, yeah I know i am addicted to you and I cant stop myself from coming back to you but  i need a break . you talk to me every single minute and i can listen and live with you. I know you are not true and you are not permanent , you change when i change. But still there is something very catchy about you that makes me go mad for you at least temporarily. I loved it, I loved when you spoke each and every word to me  when i started to live in your world but when its over i want to get it over and start living a real life but still i can feel your voice in my head, You are the most beautiful liar i had ever seen. You are so mesmerizing and addictive and each time its a new you, yup every time i read a book it’s a new person, a new world and a new life in which i live even after the book is finished. The voice i hear while reading keeps chatting with me for a longer time and then its a new beginning with a new book. The things are so unreal and even though we know it, still we wish it to become a part of  our real life and that’s the power these books have.

PS: why do authors has to bring these unrealistic things in a most realistic way that we start dreaming that something will happen.






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