Sometime for my love

It is really very surprising to know that I fell for her.I hated her in the beginning so much  but once I understood her , I started realizing her beauty ,then on wards I never felt like leaving her behind, Initially it was all started as an  hobby, Yes French was an hobby for me  and then the interest  for  her increased gradually  and finally she became my passion even though she was the most confusing thing to understand in my tenth grade. Once I came to know the more of her  the more I fell for her, She never kept me bored she surprised me every time by her beauty , style and accent. And one day came I had to choose a life for living and then she was left back alone while I moved forward to a place very far away from her. I miss her! when someone finds my Facebook awkward which is no different  for me I just check it twice and then understand it is in french, it is just  like keeping your loved one’s name as password after leaving them. I struggle hard in my busy schedule to not forget even a little bit of her. I don’t know whether I would be able to give her another chance in my life,  as of now my  life is completely  focused in making a  good living and I would be continuing to focus on it but she is always something very special in me and something I am very proud of, under  no condition  I am going to forget her. She  will be within me till my end.


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