Animes :)

It all started when I was a kid and I never thought that there will be a lot of changes in my likes and dislikes as I grow up. But looking back one thing that I am always looking forward is animes. At my times of depression, stress or when I feel like giving up on things animes has helped me .Its may seem so funny how a cartoon can motivate people but the cartoon is the one which gave the moto of my life ” Hard work never fails and everything that happens in our life has something good for us” All the demons in the anime never failed to show their humanity in the time of need which made me fall for them also, Neverr a hereo is always the best but he may also be a demon outside..No pain is greater than loosing our loved one is something to be always kept in mind so that we can value the life of the people around us.Its so interesting  that all the frictional charater and situations are comparable to real life. Only animes can give me the feel of forgetting the whole world and just enjoy myself  playing the role of fictional character.Yup there are many sleepless nights watching animes and still I always feel that  they are worth it. The seperation from your duties , obligations and real world for quite a time really feels good.Nothing in anime is going to happen in my real life  but they are not really contrary to the real life, I can always relate it to me and enjoy it.My love for anime will never get over how much old I get, I had never enjoyed watching movies or serials but I love to laugh , love to feel, love to love and all that emotions happens within a series which I will fiinish within a day howlong it may be and then enjoy the moments I lived watching it. Always there is going to be a strong love for my stress buster, ANIME!!!


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