Starting of the Journey

After 24 years one thing I feel which is very important in everyone’s life is independence. I am not sure whether it is  independence or freedom, What is the difference between them.Instead of terming it if I try to explain it,” it would be the power to do whatever you want to do without worrying about anyone or anything, it also includes worry less life where you need not care about anyone and you can have a blank mind and stay relaxed without any plans or thoughts”. Is it gender related??? Being a woman am I having lot of things in my mind? Does men also have lot of scheduled plans and commitments in his mind? Not sure but starting from now, I the woman who is 24 years young will start my life’s journey with lots of hope everyday and lots of milestones planned to achieve still with lesser obligations and commitments. I am starting the journey of my desire  🙂


Animes :)

It all started when I was a kid and I never thought that there will be a lot of changes in my likes and dislikes as I grow up. But looking back one thing that I am always looking forward is animes. At my times of depression, stress or when I feel like giving up on things animes has helped me .Its may seem so funny how a cartoon can motivate people but the cartoon is the one which gave the moto of my life ” Hard work never fails and everything that happens in our life has something good for us” All the demons in the anime never failed to show their humanity in the time of need which made me fall for them also, Neverr a hereo is always the best but he may also be a demon outside..No pain is greater than loosing our loved one is something to be always kept in mind so that we can value the life of the people around us.Its so interesting  that all the frictional charater and situations are comparable to real life. Only animes can give me the feel of forgetting the whole world and just enjoy myself  playing the role of fictional character.Yup there are many sleepless nights watching animes and still I always feel that  they are worth it. The seperation from your duties , obligations and real world for quite a time really feels good.Nothing in anime is going to happen in my real life  but they are not really contrary to the real life, I can always relate it to me and enjoy it.My love for anime will never get over how much old I get, I had never enjoyed watching movies or serials but I love to laugh , love to feel, love to love and all that emotions happens within a series which I will fiinish within a day howlong it may be and then enjoy the moments I lived watching it. Always there is going to be a strong love for my stress buster, ANIME!!!

Sometime for my love

It is really very surprising to know that I fell for her.I hated her in the beginning so much  but once I understood her , I started realizing her beauty ,then on wards I never felt like leaving her behind, Initially it was all started as an  hobby, Yes French was an hobby for me  and then the interest  for  her increased gradually  and finally she became my passion even though she was the most confusing thing to understand in my tenth grade. Once I came to know the more of her  the more I fell for her, She never kept me bored she surprised me every time by her beauty , style and accent. And one day came I had to choose a life for living and then she was left back alone while I moved forward to a place very far away from her. I miss her! when someone finds my Facebook awkward which is no different  for me I just check it twice and then understand it is in french, it is just  like keeping your loved one’s name as password after leaving them. I struggle hard in my busy schedule to not forget even a little bit of her. I don’t know whether I would be able to give her another chance in my life,  as of now my  life is completely  focused in making a  good living and I would be continuing to focus on it but she is always something very special in me and something I am very proud of, under  no condition  I am going to forget her. She  will be within me till my end.


Hey! please stop disturbing me, please stop speaking to me, I need to think and work. U just cut cross my mind every single moment but the poor thing is I cant stop you, yeah I know i am addicted to you and I cant stop myself from coming back to you but  i need a break . you talk to me every single minute and i can listen and live with you. I know you are not true and you are not permanent , you change when i change. But still there is something very catchy about you that makes me go mad for you at least temporarily. I loved it, I loved when you spoke each and every word to me  when i started to live in your world but when its over i want to get it over and start living a real life but still i can feel your voice in my head, You are the most beautiful liar i had ever seen. You are so mesmerizing and addictive and each time its a new you, yup every time i read a book it’s a new person, a new world and a new life in which i live even after the book is finished. The voice i hear while reading keeps chatting with me for a longer time and then its a new beginning with a new book. The things are so unreal and even though we know it, still we wish it to become a part of  our real life and that’s the power these books have.

PS: why do authors has to bring these unrealistic things in a most realistic way that we start dreaming that something will happen.






she was tired. Sitting in the bench where the breeze gently touches and makes her feel light and relaxed,  feeling at least the cold climate gave her the chance to feel better ,she was thinking whether this is what all life is about? Is there anything for all that I do? And there caught her the sight ,her mobile which was surprisingly not used for a very long time , she took it with no interest in any social media which entertains her always and voluntarily dialed her dad’s number which happens only under very rare cases after two ring she could hear  the energetic voice of her first and ever close men , greeting her as the princess. That moment the energy she got is enormous and the lost smile in her face just rushes back without her knowledge. After a short but  sweet talk all that she could think is just pay back. Pay back this man for all he has given . Never told his problems, his worries , his struggles still makes you feel special every second. The toughest challenge that life has given  her is a very loving dad with  a need to give him a break. She heard her inner voice saying” don’t get tired so soon girl if papa has stopped running you would not be what you are just think about papa and say ,are you tired?” and the energy blossomed and she went walking fast with clear vision bold smile calm face holding zero confusion thinking” papa i will  make you proud one day!”

Respect or love

There are always two contrary statements one is” love comes in the way of respect” and the other is “where there is more love there is more exposure of anger and temper”. Ya everyone respects themselves a lot but does that mean they had to leave their loved one who loves them so deeply and cannot  manage to treat them the way they want? Ya self respect, self esteem all is very important, is it as important  as love in a person’s life. when you know there  can be no one in this world who can love you as much as a particular person but still he expresses his moods completely to you and the bad moods are the worse r part, do u choose to leave him or stay  with. Here what is it winning love or respect

Education!!!! What is it???

I have been studying for the past 19 years and should i say it as an  experience, training or actually learning!!! All these years I never understood the concept of education. Starting from kinder garden I did my schooling in one of the best school in the town. I was always an average student. Of course a good school really has good students, so then what ?kept on fighting to keep up my standard.Did i really develop any passion for any profession?Of course no my aim was to satisfy my parents with my marks. And I was actually  interested in English and french literature which i could just do as part time because I was not given a chance to choose my profession at that time and those were not a good professional course, And then college, yippee!!!!!!!  Now i am a college student but is it a good thinking,nope i was not a college student but i was an engineering student i should have remembered it. I had slightly better skills compared to my friends studied in government school in terms of communication. My engineering was not in the best college but little better than a worse college so naturally i felt i was better compared to other’s. So is that the condition of government schools everywhere. when majority of the people can afford only for a government school why the standard is so? is that because the big shots can make money by starting schools,may be if i start a school i can make a good business right? so is that all education where one makes money and the  indirect consumers “students” just work like a machine without knowing what they do and the parents do large amount of  investments hoping for a good return  in future. Finally became an engineer without knowing what it is. So now time to realize my dream ! ya very late but still  nothing is too late but I don’t blame myself  I was not so smart and all the while I was thought to listen but not to think . What is it ? MBA…ya I really want to do MBA in a pretty good institution and develop myself, earn more money in an MNC and finally settle down as a successful entrepreneur. A good short dream of mine but will it really work ? yes I hoped it was easy before stepping in forgetting that  MBA is higher education higher business higher price!!!! So can a middle class family afford  it ? nope as i can’t afford it, then  what to do its my only dream “bank loan” ya i can get it and repay it easily when i start to earn. So come on banks give me loan i am an graduate wanting to do higher studies and as per government norms grant me loan. Yes they were ready but not when i wanted because their documents work was too much and bank provides loan only for a particular period of the year. Till that period you have to get trained to work patiently after completing the course by running all time to the bank and providing all the documents one by one when they ask so they can consider sanctioning loan as soon as possible. If government is interested in creating so many talents and improving the standard of the people then why education is still a very difficult process? is that the same everywhere?But finally I am  pursuing MBA because of great parents. And its only my case not a well known common fact so is there any easy way or an alternative I request the readers to mention it so i can help others avoid struggling.